Aolili Cosmetics > Join Process

 ´╗┐Customer consultation
1, the initial engagement, understand the project, joining intention (telephone or face-to-face).

The qualification
1, submit a join request, fill in the application form to join, and joining cities and shops on the intention of the relevant circumstances;
2, corporate identity card photocopy of valid documents;
3, signed a letter of intent, franchisee burden Headquarters early investigation of charges (including mission round-trip fare, room and Board).

Field of CCP investigation Shop
1, city and business district to conduct field investigations, and provide project evaluation report for reference; Shop
2, discussed with the franchisee implement is appropriate.

Formal contracts
1, signed with the franchisees franchise agreement and agreement to pay fees (franchise fees, margin);
2, agreed on opening matters, headquarters opened in progress table.

Shop decoration and early preparations
1, help review design programme at Headquarters;
2, decoration and headquarters managers to staff recruitment and training; 3, headquarters to assist the shop opening promotion programmes.

Repair acceptance and certification process
1, according to the drawing on the renovation works acceptance;
2, decoration began opening for business license and other related procedures.

Training of personnel
1, headquarters arrangements shop under the training of new staff;
2, to join internship training shop staff to Headquarters.

Shop before the preparatory
1, all the relevant equipment in place, technology and equipment to undertake thorough debugging;
2, staff in place, and ordered the first batch of items to Headquarters.

1,submit to Headquarters, franchisees opened the business license and related documents;
2, to join the Department of management transfer of information guiding management of the franchise;
3, opening.